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Welcome to the  'about us' page

We’re an amateur concert band with a mixture of brass & woodwind players who perform at local charity events, schools, bandstands around Herne Bay, Canterbury and other areas in Kent.

How we started out

The band formed 1952 as the 1st Herne Bay Scout band.  In 1971 the band disbanded due lack of active Scout players.

A year later in 1971 the band reformed itself now as the Herne Bay Concert Band and sponsored by the Co-operative. At this time, it was a brass band.  However, sponsorship ceased in the late 1970s, but despite this drawback, the band still managed to survive without their support

Brass players joining the band in the early 1980s started to get thin on the ground. We needed to increase our band membership somehow.  To get new players, it was suggested that we incorporate woodwind players to join the band that could help increase membership.  As result, the Herne Bay Concert Band started to grow again attracting players from different towns.  In its heyday, the band played at many large events such as the King’s Hall Herne Bay, The Children’s Society, Gospel Mission Faversham, Salvation Army as a guest band and many large Summer Fairs.

We have carried on ever since, though back in the late1990s to the early start of the year 2000 the band suffered major setback.  This was due to the unfortunate deaths, illnesses of some of our players.   There were other losses because members having to move away.  The band was in weak position not having enough players at any one given time to play at concerts.  The crooks the matter was, we had to decline some invitations or a couple of our annual gigs. Nevertheless, irrespective our unfortunate position we still managed to keep our noses above water and gradually started to pickup again


The band has grown markedly since 2014 having an injection of new players, which have included many young players too.  The youngsters will ensure that the band will continue to flourish well into this century.




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